I'm trying out a new review format, and I hope readers will like the new style. I only review cozy mysteries that I have purchased/borrowed from the library. This blog has become something for my own pleasure, more than to obtain review copies, so I'm switching things up! Enjoy!!

Monday, May 3, 2021

Book Review: For Batter or Worse by Jenn McKinlay

Life is sweet and business is booming at the Fairy Tale Cupcakes bakery--and the fact that Mel and Joe are getting married is the icing on the cake. Their reception will be held at the swanky resort where Oz works as the pastry chef. The wedding planning is all fun-fetti and games until Mel and Joe meet the head chef at the resort who has been making Oz's life miserable. When the eccentric chef insults Mel's bakery, Oz gets into a blowout argument with the culinary prima donna.

Things turn extra sour when the chef is murdered, and Oz is the police's main suspect. As the countdown to the wedding day begins, Mel, Joe, and the rest of the Fairy Tale Cupcake crew must sift through clues to catch the real killer and clear Oz's name before their wedding plans are totally battered and baked.[summary via Amazon]

It's time for another mystery with the Fairy Tale Cupcake crew! My favourite bakers are back for another tantalizing mystery... this time involving one of their own!

Mel and Joe are getting ready to (finally) walk down the aisle. However, it's not going to be easy, if their past experiences is anything to go by! With Angie mere weeks from giving birth, Mel thinks this is the biggest thing she has to worry about. However, when their friend and fellow baker, Oz, has to heal with an egotistical chef, things go from bad to worse... with Chef Miles turns up dead! Now Mel and her friends will have to solve the crime before her wedding day, lest Oz spend life in prison!

I absolutely love the Cupcake Bakery Mysteries. I've been reading them from the very first book, where I was charmed with the delectable cupcakes and delightful characters. With each book, they're friendships have grown stronger, and new friends have been added. 

While this is a long-running series, the mysteries are kept fresh and interesting. This one involved a new set of characters at the local resort, where Oz now works, and it was interesting trying to solve the murder, alongside Mel and Oz. As many would know, running a kitchen is very high intensity and there were many suspects to choose from, as Chef Miles was very disliked. I didn't solve the mystery before Mel, but I sure had fun trying!

If you're looking for a tantalizing mystery, with memorable characters and mouth-watering cupcakes, then this series is for you. For Batter or Worse is the best in the series (so far) and I can't wait to see where Jenn McKinlay takes the gang next!

Monday, April 26, 2021

Book Review: A Tale of Two Cookies by Eve Calder

Eve Calder is back with a new Cookie House Mystery, and oh boy, dear readers, are you ever going to be surprised!

Chef Kate McGuire is gearing up for her friend's wedding, set to take place on the beach in the little coastal town of Coral Cay. Deirdre and Judson are just perfect for each other, and they can't wait for their spur-of-the-moment beach wedding. However, on the big day Judson doesn't appear. Did the groom get cold feet or is there something more sinister at play?

Okay, so this is my favourite cozy mystery of the year (so far)! I've been hooked on the Cookie House Mysteries since Kate first stepped on Coral Cay. However, Eve Calder has completely taken it to a whole new level with A Tale of Two Cookies. Not since I first read Agatha Christies novels as a teen have I been completely surprised! After finishing this book, I can say that this series has now been elevated to my absolute favourite.

Coral Cay is picturesque and cozy, and seems like the perfect place to live. However with many island towns there is a lot of mystery surrounding it, and I particularly liked the mysterious elements presented in this book. Add in all the interesting happens as a reality tv series is being filmed on the island, and you've got a fabulous whodunnit that you won't be able to put down!

This series is so fantastic, and just like a great cookie, you won't be able to have just one! I highly recommend you start with A Tale of Two Cookies and then go back and read the rest of the series. It is one of the best modern cozy mystery series on the market!

Monday, April 5, 2021

Book Review: Big Little Spies by Krista Davis

In the newest Paws & Claws Mysteries, Holly Miller is gearing up for the gala event of the season... the Wagtail Animal Guaradians (WAG) Gala, in support animal welfare. However, not all is going smoothly leading up to the Gala, especially when a pet detective is found dead. Now Holly and her friends must put their heads together and try to solve the mystery, who would want the detective dead and was he really a stranger to Wagtail, or was his appearance more sinister?

Over the last year I have seriously crushed on this series! I've completely caught up with all the books in less than a year, and I was so thrilled to have a new adventure to read! 

As an animal lover myself, I absolutely love Wagtail. The concept of a town that caters completely to animals is absolutely bliss, and I wish it was a real place to visit. Especially the Wagtail Inn, where Holly works alongside her grandmother, Oma. Absolutely heaven!

The mystery itself was terrific, absolutely first class! I was left guessing right up to the end. I couldn't quite tie all the elements together, and I love that I was stumped! Krista Davis always delivers a well-plotted mystery and this one is no exception.

If you love animals you have to be reading this series! While they work as standalone novels, after just one you will want to read them all! Delicious food, interesting locals and a first class mystery... the Paws and Claws Mysteries really has it all!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Book Review: Murder in an Irish Village by Carlene O'Connor

Murder in an Irish Village is the first book in the Irish Village Mysteries featuring Siobhan O'Sullivan. 

In the cute little town of Killbane, Siobhan and her five (yes FIVE!) siblings run Naomi's Bistro, a warm and welcoming spot. Well it was warm and welcoming, before a body was found on the premises. The body was none other than the younger brother of the driver, who killed Siobhan's parents the year before. With the local police determined to pin the crime on her older brother, James, Siobhan must solve the case and keep James out of jail!

This is my new favourite series! I absolutely love the "O'Sullivan Six"! Siobhan's siblings are lots of trouble, and all of it is so hilarious!!! From one of them asking if Siobhan was "running with scissors", when the victim was killed by scissors! To asking if police officer, Macdara wanted to see their list of suspects, it's "taped up in the kitchen"! The author brilliantly mixes humor with edge-of-your-seat drama, and it was a thrilling mix!

I really enjoyed the mystery. It's definitely a page turner, as I tried to figure out who the killer was before Siobhan. Spoiler: I didn't solve it before Siobhan!

If you're looking for a wickedly funny and brilliant mystery to read, definitely pick this one up. I've already got the next one to start. I can't wait to visit with the O'Sullivan Six again and see what mischief they cause!

Monday, January 4, 2021

Book Review: Under the Cover of Murder by Lauren Elliott

It's finally time for Serena Chandler and Zach Ludlow to walk down the aisle. However, as with any wedding there is bound to be a hiccup or two! This time the trouble comes in the form of a dead body found on the beach, and an uninvited guest. Will Addie Greyborne and Police Chief, Marc Chandler, be able to solve the crime before Serena and Zach's big day is ruined? Not if Addie has anything to do with it!

Ever since Addie Greyborne stepped into Greyborne Harbour in Murder by the Book I've been absolutely smitten with this series. It is a bibliophile's dream, with all the bookish treasures at both Addie's store and her house. This time the bookish treasures have moved aboard a luxury yacht, and there is the mystery of not-quite-right "first editions"!

With the murders surrounding the first editions, I love that this gives Addie a reason to "snoop"! Not that she wouldn't have tried to anyway. She sweeps up friends, Catherine and Paige, along with her, and the three make a fabulous detective trio as they follow the clues.

The mystery itself was first class! The entire time I was on the completely wrong track, and I didn't manage to solve it before Addie and Marc. I loved that the mystery was a "locked room", in that the entire group were stuck on the boat! It definitely had a very modern-day "Agatha Christie" feel to it.

Under the Cover of Murder is my favourite in this series so far! The ending gave me all the cozy "curled-toes" feeling, and I just loved trying to solve it alongside Addie! If you haven't visited Greyborne Harbour yet I thoroughly recommend you do! Start with Murder by the Book and you'll be so hooked, that you will want to read them all!