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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Save Our Cozies: The Movement & How We're Helping

As a reader it is always heart-breaking when a favorite series is no longer continuing. Sometimes it can be a decision on the authors behalf or on the publisher. Either way, as a reader, I always feel sad. I love visiting cozy towns and spending time with all the interesting people, between the pages. If there is something we can do to keep the books coming, then I definitely want to help!

A group of cozy mystery fans has come together save our beloved cozy series from being cancelled, at the hands of the publishers.

So readers what can you do to help? Lori at Escape with Dollycas has a great post with some great suggestions. It is important that we support these authors by buying their books, but it is also important that we review their books, so we can let other readers know how awesome they are! Even a short 1-2 sentence review on Amazon will make a difference.

How is The Cozy Mystery Journal helping?

We're taking a very important steps in helping our beloved cozy mysteries. We're super excited for this new project!

The Endangered Cozies Project!
Starting tomorrow we will be featuring a new series every day, along with a great giveaway. Each series will be a series that has been either cancelled or is on the danger list to be cancelled. For each series we will be hosting a giveaway for one or more books in this series. We are giving readers the chance to try first hand these awesome cozy mystery series, that we believe should still be continuing and on the shelves for all readers!

If you win a book in our Endangered Cozies Project, please consider reviewing it and posting your review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

Head over to our blog tomorrow to find out about the first Endangered Cozy on our list!

So readers will you take the pledge to save our cozies?


  1. This is a great idea. Thank you for doing it. Anything we can do to help our authors.

  2. Great idea. I am happy to help cozy mystery authors.

  3. Both of these are fantastic ideas. Mind if I share a link to this post on my blog?

  4. Fabulous Post and thank you for sharing mine!! Great Ideas!!

  5. Fabulous Post and thank you for sharing mine!! Great Ideas!!

  6. Wonderful ideas! Thanks so much!!!

  7. That is a great idea. I'll be happy to help. I love cozy mysteries.