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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Book Review: Literally Murder by Ali Brandon

After a video of Darla and Hamlet performing at a martial arts tournament goes viral, the Florida chapter of the Feline Society of America invites the "Karate Kitty” to be the guest of honor at their championship cat show in Fort Lauderdale.
Upon arrival, Darla discovers that not everyone in the Sunshine State has a sunny disposition. Animal rights activists are on the march, and a cat show contestant stages his own angry protest when his special breed Minx—half Sphynx, half Manx—doesn’t win. Then Hamlet disappears—only to be found next to the dead body of the Minx owner. Now it’s up to Darla and Hamlet to take best in show and collar the killer…[via Goodreads]

Another adventure with the charming Hamlet, and his owner, Darla! This time Hamlet, Darla and Jake are heading for some sun, sand and surf in Florida. Hamlet has been invited to be a guest at a cat show and Darla and Jake are happy to join him on a mini holiday. However, where Hamlet goes adventure and mayhem follows, and soon the three are thrust into the middle of a murder investigation. 

Don't tell my cats, but I think Hamlet might just be my favorite cozy cat. He reminds me a lot of my tuxedo cat, Agatha, who is also full of spunk, attitude and likes to act like a boss! Hamlet is all these things and more, and he's a huge part as to why I enjoy this series so much. He's always right in the middle of the action, right along with his human friends! Every adventure with this cast of characters is never boring!!

I like that Ali Brandon has taken the action away from the store for this adventure. I did miss seeing more of Robert and James, the ying and yang of bookstore workers, as I like to call them! However, they're soon forgotten as the adventure takes hold. Readers get to learn more about Jake, when we meet her mom, who lives in Florida, and a host of eclectic, interesting people, that belong to the "cat show" community! It all added up to one of their best adventures yet, and I'm eager to find out what is next for my favorite adventurous trio!

You don't need to be a cat lover to love this series, with so many bookish references and different personalities amongst the cast, there really is something for everyone. However,  if you're a cat lover, then you're going to be absolutely smitten with this series. Once Hamlet puts his paw on your heart, you know you're going to be coming back for every adventure!!

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