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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Top 5 Places to Visit in a Cozy Town with J.B. Hawker

Today we have J.B. Hawker visiting with us, to share her Top 5 Places to Visit in Bannoch.

The cozy town of Bannoch sits serenely on the Oregon coast, between sandy beaches and forested hillsides. This fictional village is about an hour south of Tillamook and is home to the various churches and parsonages the pastors’ wives of the First Ladies Club series call home. The town was most recently featured in A Corpse in the Chapel, book three in the series.

When visiting Bannoch and its many interesting local churches, don’t miss the following:
1. Ramparts Rock Beach recreation area: With golden sands and rocky outcroppings holding many secrets in their tide pools, this is a favorite with locals and tourists alike. Even Eastern European gangsters have been known to visit.

2. The Ships Stores Mall: This converted fish processing plant on the water’s edge houses an array of small boutique shops and is anchored by the Boatworks Coffee Shop, a popular eating and meeting place. The nautical atmosphere appeals to the many tourists driving along busy Highway 101. The First Ladies Club occasionally holds meetings in the banquet room.

3. The Crab Shack, famous for its crab and lobster sandwiches and fresh fish and chips, is another spot where the year-around inhabitants like to gather.

4. The Haleby Family Memorial Nature Reserve in the hills above the town provides acres of shady glades and nature walks among the pine and fir, but avoid the ruins of the family’s chapel, as you never know what unpleasant surprise may be inside.

5. The First Baptist Church with its restored historic sanctuary is always worth a visit to admire the hand-carved pews and inspiring stained glass windows. Those with a macabre bent may wish to take in the atmosphere of its infamous belfry. If you are especially lucky, you might encounter a hometown celebrity, the professional organist, Peregrine Bostwich, rehearsing a sacred classical piece on the church pipe organ.

Doesn't Bannoch sound like a great place to visit?

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