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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Book Review: Staged to Death by Karen Rose Smith

In the first Caprice De Luca Mystery, readers are introduced to the very unique Caprice De Luca. Caprice is a home stager. Before I picked up Staged to Death I had no idea what a home stager was, but thanks to Karen Rose Smith and Caprice De Luca I’m definitely more in the know now! Caprice rearranges houses to make them more appealing for selling, or even just for a person that wants a fresh new look! She has a unique fashion style (mainly vintage!) and she’s definitely talented in her home staging. One of her more challenging jobs, was to be home staging her close friend, Roz’s mansion home, which has a castle feel. Unfortunate for Roz it also ends up being the site where Roz’s husband is killed! Before Caprice knows it she’s asking all sorts of questions to try and clear Roz’s name and uncover the truth.

Karen Rose Smith gave me three things I really crave in a cozy mystery: a interesting job that I knew little about but wanted to learn more, cute animals and a mystery that had me perplexed. Try as I might I couldn’t solve this one before Caprice! I was definitely on the wrong track, but I loved trying to guess and figure out the clues.

I adored Caprice. She comes with her own set of baggage from past relationships, but there is a few hints of romance on the horizon for her. I’m looking forward to following her next adventure to see what happens not just with her romantic life, but that of her family too! In this first mystery we meet brother, Vince, a confirmed bachelor, caterer, Nikki, and Bella, who seems to have a troubled marriage. Between all of them I can’t wait to see what Karen Rose Smith has in store for them in Deadly Decor.

Staged to Death was definitely an unputdownable read for me. Right from the first page I was telling myself “just one more page” until I reached the stunning conclusion. I highly recommend readers add Staged to Death to their summer reading list. You won’t be disappointed.

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