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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Book Review: Words with Fiends by Ali Brandon

In the latest instalment of the Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries, Ali Brandon tantalizes readers with an action-packed mystery featuring karate, cat whispers and even the Mob!

Hamlet is feeling a little blue following his last entanglement with a murderer. In an attempt to feel more confident against further attacks, Darla, owner of Pettistone’s Fine Books, and Robert, a goth teen working at the store, have taken up karate at the local dojo. All is going well until they discover the dead body of their beloved Sensei. What first looks like suicide turns out to be murder, and finding a killer might be just what Hamlet needs to bring him out of his funk!

I’ve been singing the praises of this series since Double Booked for Death first hit the shelves. Since I love cats and mysteries, this has always been the perfect combination in a cozy mystery series for me. I’ve enjoyed each book in this series more and more, and always anxiously await the release of the next book. With her latest book I think Ali Brandon has hit it out of the park. There is more of Hamlet to adore in this one, more mystery to try and solve, and lots of interesting happenings in the bookstore and the dojo!

I enjoy watching characters progress as a series develops, and I like how Ali Brandon does this so well. It’s not just solve a mystery and done with it. She really brings the fictional characters to life with their own problems and events, just like any real-life person. Professor James might have a romance on the horizon, and Darla is battling her feelings for Reese. Not to mention the fact that Hamlet gets a visit from a “cat whisper” and makes a new friend in a fellow animal, and not of the feline persuasion!!! When you add in the mystery you’ve got one of the best cozy mystery series that is currently on the shelves!

If you haven’t visited Pettistone’s Fine Books yet, I highly recommend you take a visit. Pick up Double Booked For Death and get to set to enjoy three fabulous mysteries, with hopefully more to come!

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