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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book Review: First Degree Fudge by Christine DeSmet

Ava Oosterling has returned to her home town of Door County, Lake Michigan. Away from her career in LA as a tv writer, she is trying to get her little fudge store up and running. She's hoping an endorsement from ex-film star Rainetta Johnson, will help. However when Rainetta chokes on Ava's newest creation, Cinderella Pink fudge, Ava finds herself making less fudge and trying to stop herself from ending up in jail!

While I don't have much of a sweet tooth these days I do love fudge. Having read Nancy Coco's cozy mysteries featuring fudge (the Candy Coated mysteries) I was keen to try more fudge mysteries.
Set in Wisconsin there were plenty of Green Bay packers references, which thrilled this Green Bay fan, and I got a real feel for this small town of Door County, even though I've never visited. Christine DeSmet's descriptions of the fudge-making process and the delicious fudge that Ava makes had my mouth watering.

I did guess the mystery very early on, and wasn't too surprised when I got it right as Christine DeSmet left some pretty obvious clues for the reader. While this wasn't the strongest and best debut mystery I've read, it was still an okay read and I plan to read more books in the series. I hope the series strengthens with the next book and I'm particularly looking forward to more fudge recipes!

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