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Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Review: The Trouble with Turkeys by Kathi Daley

In Zoe Donovan's second adventure she's discovering that looking after turkeys aren't as simple as they seem. After being dismissed from her job at the shelter, when it closed down, Zoe feels at a loose end. When Jeremy, who also lost his job at the shelter, asks her to help him look after a few hundred turkeys she agrees - but only after she discovers that there is a murder to solve too! Charles Tisdale was a rich, old man, but he was also mean and set to write several of his children out of his will. When he turns up murdered, it could've been any one of his heirs who are responsible for his death. With Zoe's natural curiosity at a all-time high she decides to investigate.

I really enjoyed the first Zoe Donovan mystery and I was looking forward to coming back for a second dose of Zoe and all her friends. In this second mystery the plot is almost like something out of a Agatha Christie novel - a rich old man and more heirs than you can possible count!! In Charles Tisdale's case he has four children by three different wives and it seems like any one of them could've been the murderer! The mystery was sure suspenseful as I watched Zoe try and solve the mystery and also take care of the turkeys as well!

I have a confession to make.... Having not grown up in Northern America I'm not that much of a turkey eater. I didn't even know there were so many different types of turkeys!! I found all the "turkey" information fascinating and I don't think it will make me eat more turkey, but it was interesting.

Whether or not you enjoy sitting down to a big turkey at Thanksgiving, I think readers will really enjoy this Zoe Donovan mystery. The main mystery was very well done and I'm getting more and more enthralled with what is happening in Zoe's personal life. I will definitely be reading Christmas Crazy, the next Zoe Donovan mystery.

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