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Monday, May 19, 2014

Book Review: Thread and Buried by Janet Bolin

Welcome to Elderberry Bay, otherwise known as Threadville. As you take a drive thru this picturesque town you will notice all the embroidery, fabric and yarn stores. It's a crafters paradise! For local residents it's heaven as they get to introduce new customers to the arts of embroidery, knitting and other crafts everyday. With all these crafts some would think life in Threadville could be a little dull, but Threadville is certainly not dull. In this third adventure, Willow and her friends have not just one but multiple mysteries to solve. First Clay, Willow's very close friend, digs up some old bones, believed to have belonged to Snoozy Gallagher, who is rumored to have stolen the hotel's treasure many years before. Next they uncover the jewels, but no accompanying money. However within a week Threadville has not just one murder but two on their hands. Are they related? Only Willow and her crafty friends will be able to get to the bottom of this!

I'm a crocheter, knitting, embroider, and I love everything to do with crafting. For this reason the Threadville Mysteries are one of my favourite series. They aren't just crocheting or knitting, they are a little of everything and for the multi-project crafters like me that is heavenly! I always love visiting Threadville, not just for the mystery, but for Willow's embroidery hints, and to find out what is happening in the other Threadville stores. This time Janet Bolin throws something fun into the thread mix - with yarn bombing. For those that haven't heard of yarn bombing, its the act of covering everyday objects with a crocheted or knitted creation. For no other reason you should read Thread and Buried to find out what object in Threadville is covered in yarn!

The mystery in Thread and Buried is great fun! After all who doesn't like the idea of buried treasure? The treasure in this instance is filled with diamonds and jewels! As Willow and Haylee piece together the clues, I started to solve the mystery alongside them. As always Willow was always one step ahead of me!!

For fans of this series there is a beautiful side-plot involving Haylee's mom, Opal, that was just beautifully weaved together with the main story. When I read cozy mysteries I feel like I'm part of the town, and Janet Bolin has written these characters so well that I felt the joy and triumphs with Opal and her family in this book.

Thread and Buried was another great instalment in this series and I can't wait to see what is in store for us in Night of the Living Thread.

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